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Desjardins Payment Solutions

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The Internet payment solutions
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What is the Partners's site?

The Partners site is a Web site that is dedicated to business partners and integrators of Desjardins’ integrated and semi-integrated Internet Payment Solutions. It was designed to help them develop their businesses and provide them with all the necessary technical and promotional documentation during the solutions integration procedure. 

It also enables partners to refer new merchants and to benefit from our Partnership program. The Testimonials, News and Blog sections are also available for the Internet Payment Solutions portion of the site.

Take advantage of the Desjardins network and develop your business thanks to the Partners site!

Desjardins Payment and Financing Solutions

Whether you head a service industry or retail businesses, you want to meet customer needs effectively. The variety of payment methods you make available to your clients is a real asset.

Desjardins Card Services offers a complete range of payment services to meet both your needs and those of your clients. You'll be able to accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Sears and private label credit cards as well as Interac debit cards.

Benefits for your merchants

  • Discount rates based on net sales. Based on real sales only.
  • Best debit pricing structure on the market. Only $0.05 per transaction
  • The Accord D Desjardins financing program, a unique retail financing tool.
  • FREE – View your merchant account and transactions online.
  • Fast, reliable equipment tailored to merchants' needs.
Solutions Features
Point of sale terminals
Accept debit cards from Interac Association member financial institutions and credit cards for purchases of goods or services.
DePOSiTEL Ideal for merchants with low transaction volumes who want to process credit card transactions by phone. 
Batch Payment Solution Allows merchants to accept recurring preauthorized payments on their clients' credit cards. 
Semi-Integrated Payment Solutions The semi-integrated payment solution allows a point-of-sale system to interact with the payment solution that resides in a payment terminal that is distinct from the point-of-sale system.
Integrated Payment Solutions Integrate the following electronic payment methods directly into your point-of-sale system: debit cards, credit cards, private label cards and Accord D Desjardins financing.
Internet Payment Solutions Sell your products and services online, accept online credit card payments and close transactions securely and in real time. 
Retail financing solution Accord D Desjardins financing allows merchants to offer customers point of sale financing. Merchants get the funds immediately and Desjardins Card Services manage loan repayment. 
Gift cards Offer your customers the option of prepaid gift cards bearing your company's colours and logo. 

For more information:

See the Desjardins Payment and Financing Solutions Selector (PDF)

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