Desjardins Member Advantage

Our new 0.30% discount on loan interest rates is back!

As of February 1, 2017 our exclusive 0.30% disount on interest rates is now a Desjardins Member Advantage; another great sales tool for closing deals with your member clients!

It pays to finance a member with Desjardins!

Your customer receives an exclusive discount and, as soon as his financing is approved and disbursed with Desjardins, you automatically receive your $200 member bonus. In addition, your commission is based on the financing interest rate before the discount is applied.

*For every approved and disbursed financing of a Desjardins member.



  • Benefits of the Desjardins Member Advantage
    • Offer an exclusive 0.30% discount on the interest rate offered to Desjardins members
    • Applies to all regular rates in effect, both fixed and variable
    • The rate is reduced but not the commission: the commission on regular rates continues to apply
    • More sales opportunities with a reduced monthly payment
    • Obtain your guaranteed $200 bonus for every Desjardins member funded by Desjardins
    • Regardless of the member’s credit risk, if approved and disbursed, the merchant receives his bonus
    • More revenues!
  • And for non members?
    • The $100 bonus on automatic approvals continues to apply
    • Applies to non-members only, cannot be added to member bonus
    • Send your applications to Desjardins as a first look for more chances to get this bonus!
  • How to apply the Member Advantage?

    1. Ask your client if he is a Desjardins member
    • To be a member, your client needs to have a Desjardins access card and account (debit card)
    2. When you fill in your application through your financing portal, check the box that says the client is a member
    3. Write the complete access card number
    • It can be either the applicant's or the co-applicant's card (but not a guarantor's)
    4. Select the promotional program with Member discounted rate
  • In your financing platforms

    Member Advantage - Dealertrack

    Answer the question “Is the customer a Desjardins member?” in the Additional Information section.

    Fill in the complete applicant or co-applicant’s credit or debit card number.

    You can then access special discount programs with reduced rates for members.


    Member Advantage - RouteOne

    Once you have choosen your rate, answer “Yes” to the question “Is the customer a Desjardins member?”

    If you click yes, you’ll be asked to enter the customer’s complete debit or credit card number (applicant or co-applicant).

    When this number is entered, a special discount for members will be applied on the rate previously chosen.