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Desjardins Payment Solutions

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The Internet payment solutions
The integrated and semi-integrated payment solutions


FLEX integrated payment solutions

The FLEX payment solutions allow merchants to simply and economically integrate a range of payment functions with their point-of-sale system (cash register system).

  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • Accord D retail financing program
  • Desjardins gift cards

FLEX integrated solution also keeps the benefits of an integrated solution while addressing the mobility needs!

    • FLEX Classic (payment at the counter)
    • FLEX Entourage (payment wireless short range)
    • FLEX Nomad (long range mobile payment)


Benefits of a FLEX integrated solution

  • Considerable time saving at operational and administrative levels
    • Single entry of transaction on the point-of-sale system, thus reducing the risk of errors that cause out-of-balance situations
    • Detailed reports that consolidate the payment and checkout information
    • Simplification of business administrative control
  • Increased customer satisfaction by reducing the waiting time
  • Reduction of PCI scope
    • Due to the fact that the point-of-sale system is not responsible for processing the transaction with the acquirer and returning the results, the PCI scope is highly reduced.
  • Possibility to complete value added transactions such as Accord d retail financing and desjardins gift card


 Exclusive benefits of the FLEX Classic (countertop)

Process payment transactions at the cash

  • Ideal for businesses and professionals performing transactions at the cash 
  • Maximizes the available counter space thanks to the very compact PIN pad
  • Allows contactless payment functionnality 



Exclusive benefits of the FLEX Entourage (wireless)

Accept payments anywhere in and around your business wherever your customers are

  • Ideal for restaurants, sidewalk cafés, big box stores, garden centres, lumberyard, etc.
  • Allows your customers to pay wherever they happen to be, without having to go to a checkout counter
  • Enhances the quality of service provided
  • Reduces the coming and going between customers and the checkout
  • Improves staff efficiency
  • Increases customers' feeling of security because they never have to let go of their card


Exclusive benefits of the FLEX Nomad (mobile)

Mobile payment that is accessible anywhere 

  • Ideal for delivery services, special events, kiosks, outdoor sales, door-to-door sales, etc. 
  • Ability to accept multiple payment options
  • Reduces sales lost because of non acceptance of debit and credit cards
  • Provides your customers with the same level of service as in the store
  • Gives your staff peace of mind by eliminating the need to carry large sums of cash with them when on the road

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