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Desjardins Payment Solutions

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The Internet payment solutions
The integrated and semi-integrated payment solutions


Partner's integrated payment solutions

The partners' integrated payment solutions allowmerchants to simply and economically integrate a range of payment functions with their point-of-sale system (cash register system).

  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • Accord D retail financing program
  • Desjardins gift cards

An integrated payment solutions are ideal for merchants in business sectors where operational efficiency is paramount and where management and administration are complex. The solution has the ability to request customized reconciliation reports, which is an important advantage for large chains.

Benefits of a Partners' integrated payment solution

  • Considerable time saving at operational and administrative levels
  • Single entry of transaction on the point-of-sale system, thus reducing the risk of errors that cause out-of-balance situations
  • Detailed and custom reports that consolidate the payment and checkout information
  • Simplification of business administrative control
  • increased customer satisfaction by reducing the waiting time
  • Reduction of the PCI scope
  • End-to-end encryption*
  • Possibility to complete value added transactions such as Accord d retail financing and desjardins gift cards
  • Ability to manage a loyalty program and support fleet cards

End-to-end encryption

Credit card transactions are now even more secure thanks to the latest technology developed by Desjardins. End-to-end data encryption completely eliminates exposure of card numbers at points of sale during the payment process. This is a first in Canada. Desjardins has developed a payment solution that encrypts credit card data throughout the entire transaction. This new technology will make it easier for retailers to comply with Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS), under which strict security measures must be implemented at points of sale to protect credit card data exposure during the payment process.

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