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You like giving your customers the best possible service. So why not talk to them about the Desjardi

November 10, 2011

 As you are likely aware, in April 2010, the Minister of Finance of Canada tabled a Code of Conduct for the Canadian credit and debit card industry.

At the root of this initiative, in which Card Services actively participated, were the repercussions felt by many merchants as a result of the revised pricing models introduced by Visa and MasterCard.

The Code of Conduct reflects the approach that Desjardins has always supported in terms of simple and clear pricing, with no surcharges or hidden fees.

Desjardins Card Services is proud to offer its merchant clients a pricing structure that enables them to know all costs related to debit and credit card transactions in advance.


This is a unique approach to pricing on the market which was specially designed to help businesses grow and become increasingly profitable. It is based on an approach that sets itself apart by offering a discount rate that:

      •     has no surcharges, regardless of the type of card used or the type of transaction;
      •     is guaranteed for one year, whatever the variation in the interchange rate;
      •     is adjusted downward for transactions made with VISA Desjardins cards;
      •     is established on the basis of total volume generated by all of the services (Visa, MasterCard, debit and Accord Dfinancing).
A unique position within the payment card industry


Furthermore, only Desjardins offers a unique discount rate per payment network (one for Visa and one for MasterCard).

So regardless of the type of card used to make a payment (Business, Premium, Infinite, etc.) and regardless of how the transaction is completed (manually, with a payment terminal, by telephone, etc.), merchants will not incur surcharges.

By offering your clients the opportunity to do business with Desjardins, you can provide them with:

      • simple and clear pricing, with no extra or hidden charges; and,
      • a partner whose payment solutions are designed to simplify PCI compliance and come with free support to large merchants.

They will certainly appreciate your help!

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